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The Best Of The Best

As a leading wholesale CB radios distributor, CWR supplies its dealers with the best products on the market today. When you are talking about the best in CB radios, you are talking about Cobra! From standard to mobile units, Cobra CBs are state of the art CB radios. And CWR has them!

CB radio supplies from CWR ElectronicsPictured is the 18 WX ST II CB radio. Filled with the latest features in CB technology, it is a state of the art unit. Some of the outstanding features include: Scan - activates scan, all 40 channels; Dual Watch (DW) - monitors two pre-selected channels simultaneously; 10 Weather Channels - immediate up to the minute weather information, 24 hours a day; Instant Channels 9 and 19 - instant access to emergency channels; SoundTracker® System - state of the art noise reduction system; Last Channel Retention - saves last channel in memory; Heavy-Duty Dynamic Microphone with 9 foot cord - contoured microphone with dynamic voice response circuitry; Electronic Tuning - quick, accurate tuning of all 40 CR channels and 10 weather channels; RX Indicator - indicates the receiver is on stand-by; TX Indicator - shows red when CR is in Transmit Mode; WX Indicator - illuminates when in weather receive mode; 4 Pin Screw-on Mic Connector - convenient removal of mic for storage and easy reach from anywhere inside the vehicle; Power - On/Off and volume control; Squelch Control - eliminates background noise in the absence of a signal; LED Signal Strength Meter - indicates incoming signal strength and output power; Front Mounted Speaker - designed to give the user a clear reception of incoming calls regardless of installation or ambient noise; Large LED Channel Display - for greater readability; and much, much more. Sign up below and start selling wholesale CB radios to your customers today!

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Export cb radio wholesale cb radios as well as cb radio supplies for your wholesale radio cb radios wholesale and cb wholesale needsThe 75 WX ST

Key features include: SoundTracker® - the first patented technology that dramatically improves the transmission and reception of CB radio signals, resulting in a cleaner, clearer sound with more powerful transmissions and less static and noise; 40 CB and 10 Weather Channels - Complete access to all 40 citizen band radio channels and 10 national weather channels (7 NOAA and 3 International), keeping the user informed at all times; Remote Mount System - remote installation box installs out of sight under the dash, quick disconnect allows removal of the handpiece for security or use in other vehicles; Dual Watch and Full Channel Scan - simultaneous monitoring of any two preselected channels and full scan of all 40 channels; Instant Channel 19 - instant access to information Channel 19 with s single switch of a button; Full-Featured LCD Display Panel - choose normal CB channel readout or five digit frequency display; and much more. Just click below to sign up and start selling Cobra wholesale CB radios to your customers!

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Export CB Radio Wholesale CB Radios and CB radio suppliesHandheld CB Radios Wholesale

Cobra's HH 38 WX ST is the perfect unit for those on the go! Allows instant access to up to the minute weather information as well as maximum portability. Key features include: SoundTracker® - cuts noise up to 90% and only Cobra has it; 10 Channel Weather Reception; New Compact Design - allows maximum portability and comfort; 40 CB Channels - full coverage in a small package; 4 Watts Power Output - maximum allowed by law; High/Low Power Switch - reduces power consumption by up to 75% to extend batter life; Recharging Jack - allows charging of Ni-Cad batteries in unit with optional AC wall charger; Speaker/Microphone Jack - allows use with optional combination speaker/microphone accessory; Low Battery Indicator - special LED illuminates to let user know when batteries are low; DC Power Cord - for in-vehicle use, plugs into cigarette lighter; High Efficiency Flexible Antenna - provides maximum range and bends without breaking; Omni-Directional Microphone - allows voice to be picked up from multiple directions; Up To 4 Mile Range - depending on geographic terrain; and many more features. Click the link below to sign up and start selling wholesale CB radios to your customers today!

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In business since 1981, CWR Electronics is a wholesale CB radios distributor of wholesale radio CB units as well as CB radio supplies, for a growing number of dealers and retail companies. As a CB radios wholesale distributor, we have built a solid reputation as reliable, efficient and dependable; offering our clients a huge variety of high quality products. Carrying such in demand and high quality wholesale CB radios like Cobra, CWR is unsurpassed in quality and service. Our services, which include dropshipping to your clients, so you don't have to keep a huge inventory, are unrivaled by other CB wholesale distributors. CWR Electronics, export CB radio wholesale distributors, uses cutting edge technology to keep dealers informed of inventory, stock availability, order status and more. CWR Electronics, with our extensive inventory, superb customer service, competitive prices and experience, allows you as a dealer or retailer, to buy wholesale radio CB units and CB radio supplies at a competitive price; with fast, reliable service. To sign up to be a CWR dealer or learn more about our wholesale CB dropship services, click the link below:

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How Can CWR, A Leading Wholesale CB Radios Distributor,
Help Me?

If you sign up to be a CWR Electronics dealer, you will see the advantages right away! First of all, since we have been export CB radio wholesale distributors for over 20 years, we have many satisfied clients and our client list keeps growing. We know what it takes to keep clients happy with our convenient, reliable, fast, dependable wholesale CB radios dropshipper service. We have the experience and know-how to make sure you get the best and quickest service available. We offer complete wholesale radio CB drop ship services. By using our CB radios wholesale dropship services, you do not have to keep a huge inventory for your customers. CWR, one of the leading CB wholesale distributors on the internet, acts as a virtual warehouse for your business - you never need to stock a thing. We will drop ship export CB radio wholesale units to fill your orders to your customers either domestically or internationally, using your labels - the products look like they came directly from you. To apply to be a CWR Electronics dealer, see our CB radios wholesale dealer application. CWR Electronics, a distributor of high quality wholesale CB radios, makes it easy to offer your customers high quality electronics.

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What Happens After I Become A CWR Dealer?

Once you become a dealer, your benefits really begin! CWR, a leading wholesale CB radios distributor, will be your virtual warehouse - you won't have to stock anything. You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our real time online ordering system. You will also be able to view your online order history and get real time online order tracking. There are no dropship fees or minimum orders. Your customers will receive wholesale CB radios and CB radio supplies with your labels - but you won't have to stock or touch the product at all. CWR, leading wholesale radio CB distributors, will do all the work for you! With our competitive pricing and same day shipping, you can't lose when you work with CWR. CWR Electronics, a CB wholesale distributor, makes the process easy. Go to our wholesale CB radios dealer application and sign up! Look to CWR, export CB radio wholesale distributors, with our huge inventory, fantastic service, competitive prices and experience that far surpass other distributors. Contact us for more CB radios wholesale information. From wholesale CB radios to CB radio supplies, CWR can supply it all. Click here for more information about becoming a CB wholesale dealer.

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CWR Electronics - Your Source For Wholesale CB radios

If you are a retailer or dealer who is looking for a cost-effective, efficient way to offer your customers quality wholesale CB radios and CB radio supplies, CWR is the distributor for you. With our convenient drop ship service, real-time online ordering and real-time stock availability, you can't go wrong. Sign up to become a dealer today!

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CWR is a distributor and does not sell product to the public. If you are looking to purchase product, please fill out our request form and we will send you the appropriate dealer list. Or, fill out our dealer application to see if you qualify to become a CWR reseller.


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